Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I want a trophy wife....

A wife- me , you and your . I salute her and want to appreciate her. The best thing about her is she will become happy with just one word of appreciation.

She born as a baby girl

She grow as Papa's doll  

She grow up with some fears in mamma's eyes

She married with a man to whom she devote her more than what she is carrying.

A girl after marriage becomes a wife. The journey of her life divides into two part- one before marriage with her parent and other after marriage with her husband.

After marriage, she becomes a wife. New life, new persons, new relation, new hopes and new responsibility.

In the first phase of her journey, she is a girl child and then, a grown up girl. Today’s girl child will be the mother of tomorrow.    

In the second phase of her journey, as a mother she can give her child a sound nursing and capable upbringing.

Her education is like sowing the seed which gives rise to green, cheerful and full grown family plant.

I am also a wife. I held the future of my marriage and my family in my hands.

Wife's day ends with a tiring smile and a satisfied thought .

Her night starts with a planning for a new day. The moment
she close her eyes, she starts dreaming of her family future.
The next day when she open-up her eyes,  the day starts
 with deliberating her responsibility. I laugh at once when
 I consider all.
I share some as: a cup of tea , glass of milk , breakfast ,home cleaning, office for working ladies, kids , lunch , evening tea and dinner.  

a feeling of joy

Hey it seems we are superwoman. he good thing is wife------a wife is still happy , satisfied and well adjusted.  Her smile makes a family happy.

A question comes as,  why at night before she sleep her eyes become
still for a while. Think!

Do you think ever, why ? Its just "her" who worries about what does not matter even. This statement makes me and you smile if I am not wrong, this is "Wife" my friends.

We know we are created in the image of God, but many of us don't realise our emotions are a significant part of God's image imprinted within us. Women need to feel comfortable with who they are emotionally.

 And this isn't easy, because many women aren't prepared 
 to anticipate or  handle the difficult challenges that are a part of being a wife and mother.

 Each new season of life—early marriage, pregnancy, raising young children, etc.—brings a new set of joys and difficulties, and many women are surprised by the intensity of their emotions.

As a woman experiences the various emotions in her daily life,
 she needs to feel loved and accepted by her husband.
 Just a one word makes a difference in her mood. 

We are made in the emotional image of God; we shouldn't be afraid of those emotions when they crop up.

She needs to be known. She needs to be respected. When wife is not respected they feel insecure and lose their sense of self. That is why it is so vital for you to take special care of your partner’s need for respect.

To begin with, do not try to change or manipulate her, but rather, honor her needs, wishes, values, and rights.Respect says, “I support you, you are valuable to me, and you don’t have to be any different from who you are.” In return for this respect a wife will be able to relax. She will not have a compulsive need to prove herself as an equal, but will automatically feel and be equal. What a wonderful way to live with a woman(a wife).

If you think above all is a wife, then its not true. It continues and will never end. She is a life and she is a thread of a family. Heads off to a wife.

O God! I wish I can add some more to describe a "wife".



  1. Very nicely written, expressing the true value of a wife !!!

  2. Good one...there should be one for trophy husband as well :)